BIG Thanks To All Our Customers!

Just wanted to give a big thanks to all of our great customers, who made this our biggest sale yet! With over 150 orders in just a week, this is the best celebration yet! Again, thank you so much for supporting us and we will continue to give back to our loyal customers!

Please bear with us as we fill these orders. We have certainly fallen behind and are trying desperately to catch back up! Please do not call and harass Big Evan (Don’t feed the animals, yada yada). We will get your order out as soon as possible! :)

On a side note, keep checking back as we have a new staff of people helping us run this blog, our twitter account, and our facebook page. May is going to be a big month for us as we have over 100 new stickers planned for this month alone! We hope to see you out at some car shows this year as well. Keep an eye out later this summer for Mike and his 240sx.

Thanks again!

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One Response to “BIG Thanks To All Our Customers!”

  1. I really appreciate what you write here,very refreshing and smart. One problem though, I’m running Firefox on Ubuntu and parts of your layout pieces are a little wonky. I realize it’s not a common setup, but it is still something to to keep in mind. Just shooting you a heads up.