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Tuesday 8/31 Sticker Update!

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

I’m backdating this blog post to 8/31 because that is when the stickers were added to the site. Don’t worry, though, we are going to try and come out with some more this friday (9/17) also! In this update: Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Toadstool, Advan Get a Step Ahead, Danger Restricted Area, Condom Man, Mustache Pack, Barber Mustache, Cop Stache, Fu Man Chu Mustache, Handlebar Mustache, Hitler Mustache, Pencil Mustache, Petit Handlebar Mustache, Paint Brush Mustache, Souvarov Mustache, Walrus Mustache, Winfield Mustache, Boosted, Drag Tree, Eat Sleep Drag Race V1/V2, Frame Bangin, Jeep face, Low and Slow, Rubicon, Static Cause Bags Are For Bitches, and Static Coilover. Enjoy!

Mario StickerLuigi StickerBowser Sticker

Toadstool StickerAdvan Get a step ahead stickerDanger Sticker

Condom ManMustache PackBarber Mustache

Cop StacheFu Man ChuHandlebar Mustache

Hitler MustachePencil MustachePetit Handlebar Mustache

Paint Brush MustacheSouvarov MustacheWalrus Mustache

Winfield MustacheBoostedDrag Tree

Eat Sleep Drag V1Eat Sleep Drag V2Drag Tree

Jeep Face StickerLow and SlowRubicon

Static Cause Bags Are For BitchesStatic Coilover

EOTM Snky Sale

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Ninja Hex!

We started this trend last month, so here’s this month’s snky snky sale!

Use coupon code AUGSNKY for 15% off anything. Ends tomorrow at midnight!!! Get your orders in while you can :)

Thanks for your support!

New Stickers 8/20

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Back on track for some friday updates! Here are some new ones that we added this week :) In here is: Evo X Silhouette, STi Silhouette, Skyline Silhouette, Viper Silhouette, RX7 Silhouette, Challenger Silhouette, Elise Silhouette, BMW Silhouette, Lamborghini Silhouette, Ferrari F430 Silhouette, Porsche Silhouette, JDM Add Oil, Subaru All Wheel Drive V1/V2, Do Work, You Dislike This Diecut, You Dislike This Printed, Fresh To Death, I Heart Biters Diecut, I Heart Haters V2, WTF Panda, and I Heart Cock. Onto the pics!

Evo X SilhouetteSubaru WRX STi SilhouetteSkyline Silhouette

Viper SilhouetteRX7 SilhouetteChallenger Silhouette

Elise SilhouetteBMW SilhouetteLamborghini Silhouette

Ferrari F430 SilhouettePorsche SilhouetteJDM Add Oil

Subaru All Wheel Drive V1Subaru All Wheel Drive V2Do Work

You Dislike This DiecutYou Dislike This PrintedFresh To Death

I Heart Biters DiecutI Heart CockI Heart Haters V2

WTF Panda