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Halloween Sticker Update 10/31

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Well a big Happy Halloween to all of you! Here’s a great sticker update for y’all with 21 new stickers in it. In this update we have: Zombie Smiley, Ninja Turtle Raphael Smiley, Ninja Turtle Michelangelo Smiley, Ninja Turtle Leonardo Smiley, Ninja Turtle Donatello Smiley, Subaru 2.5RS, It’s Gon’ Scrape, Lower Class, Optimus Prime, Mother Lover, Gators Gon’ Gait, Silliest, Sticker Whore, The Pleaser, The Teaser, The Spocker, The Rocker, The Showstopper, The Fister, The Minivan, and the complete Shockers Pack! Enjoy!

Zombie Smiley StickerNinja Turtle Raphael Smiley StickerNinja Turtle Michelangelo Smiley Sticker

Ninja Turtle Leonardo Smiley StickerNinja Turtle Donatello Smiley StickerSubaru 2.5RS Sticker

It's Gon' ScrapeLower Class StickerOptimus Prime Sticker

Mother Lover StickerGators Gon' Gait StickerSilliest Sticker

Sticker Whore StickerThe Teaser StickerThe Pleaser Sticker

The Spocker StickerThe Rocker StickerThe Showstopper Sticker

The Fister StickerThe Minivan StickerThe Shockers Pack

Today’s Daily Sticker: Crunk Smiley

Monday, October 31st, 2011


Crunk Smiley

Today’s Daily Deal is here for Monday, October 31th, 2011. Happy Halloween! It’s our Crunk Smiley sticker! Get it today only for 50% off!

Go here: Crunk Smiley [IHS-C-CRSM]

The IHS 2011 Halloween Sale Is Finally Here!

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Why is Halloween on a Monday?

That’s right folks, we just adding the coupon code for our Halloween sale. Since we love you guys so much we have activated it immediately! Go get em’ Here’s the best part, if we can get over 100 orders tomorrow, we’ll include a free random sticker in EVERYONE’S order that uses the coupon code! To sweeten the deal even more, if we hit 200 orders tomorrow, we’ll include TWO free stickers in everyone’s order that uses the code. Without further adieu, the code is IHSBOO2011 and it’s good for 30% off your order with no minimum purchase! Share this blog post, talk about us on Facebook, and do whatever you can to get us to that 100 orders tomorrow!

Enjoy peoples!

Today’s Daily Sticker: Four Doors For More Whores

Sunday, October 30th, 2011


Four Doors For More Whores

Today’s Daily Deal is here for Sunday, October 30th, 2011. It’s our Four Doors For More Whores sticker! Got four doors on your car? Get it today only for 50% off!

Go here: Four Doors For More Whores [IHS-C-FDFMW]

Today’s Daily Sticker: Lower It

Friday, October 28th, 2011


Lower It

Today’s Daily Deal is here for Friday, October 28th, 2011. It’s our Lower It sticker! Definitely one of more popular ones! Get it today only for 50% off!

Go here: F Cluster Bomb [IHS-C-LWRIT]

Today’s Daily Sticker: F Cluster Bomb

Thursday, October 27th, 2011


F Cluster Bomb

Today’s Daily Deal is here for Thursday, October 27th, 2011. It’s the F Cluster Bomb! That’s like 5 stickers in one! Get it today only for 50% off!

Go here: F Cluster Bomb [IHS-C-FCBOMB]

Today’s Daily Sticker: OEM Plus

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011


OEM Plus

Today’s Daily Deal is here for Wednesday, October 26th, 2011. It is our very popular OEM+ sticker. Get it today only for 50% off!

Go here: OEM Plus [IHS-C-OEMPLUS]

Today’s Daily Sticker: Because Racecar

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011


Because Racecar

That’s right folks. Here’s your first Daily Sticker deal! Check it out and get 50% off this sticker for the whole day!

Go here: Because Racecar [IHS-C-BCSERCAR]

Introducing Daily Sticker Specials!

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Carl's Mom Is Hot


We are ALL about hooking you guys up with the BEST stickers, the MOST selection, the MOST colors, the MOST sizes, the NEWEST stickers, and as always the BEST pricing. Starting tomorrow (10/25/2011), we will be running a daily deal on one sticker on our site. This sticker will be a whopping 50% off! OMG NO WAI!?!?!?? …… WAI! Each day this will change to a different sticker. The sticker that is on sale will be featured on the front page of the ihatestickers site. It will also be announced on our Facebook, our Twitter, and here on our blog. Be sure to follow or friend us so you can learn about the daily sticker specials!

Sticker Update – 10/24

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Big sticker update this week! This was actually up last friday, but we didn’t get around to blogging it until today :) Expect another update from us this friday again! In this update we have: Custom Sign Smiley, Koopa Diecut, All Motor, AWD Do It On All Fours, AWDSOME, Blown, Eat Sleep Acura, Form Over Function, Function Over Form, Hella UN Flush, No Fat Chicks Truck Will Scrape, Stanced, KDM As Fuck, KDM Driver Badge, Hammer Head Forum Icon, Enjoy Life Eat Out More Often, Chill I Got This, Gasman, Charlie Sheen Watching, Teach Me How To Zombie, Too Legit, WWJDFTW, and You Fancy Huh.

Custom Sign SmileyKoopa DiecutAll Motor Sticker

AWD Do It On All Fours StickerAWDSOME StickerBlown Sticker

Coolest Intercooler StickerEat Sleep Acura V1 StickerForm Over Function Sticker

Function Over Form StickerHella UN Flush StickerNo Fat Chicks Truck Will Scrape Sticker

Stanced StickerKDM As Fuck StickerKDM Driver Badge Sticker

Hammer Head Forum Icon StickerEnjoy Life Eat Out More Often StickerChill I Got This Badge Sticker

Gasman Icon StickerGet Low StickerLook At Me Now Sticker

Charlie Sheen Watching StickerTeach Me How To Zombie StickerToo Legit Sticker

WWJDFTW StickerYou Fancy Huh V1 StickerYou Fancy Huh V2 Sticker

Mid October Sticker Update!

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Look a Mid-October Sticker Update!!!! It’s been over a month since we put up some new stickers. We won’t let this happen again! We’re going to try and get new ones out to you every week! In this update we have: stencil, ihatestickers loves boobies, bonkers for boobies, boobies like this, come at me bro, slowest, i heart breast cancer awareness, i heart motor boating, noobsauce, save them, you jelly, drop cars not bombs, i daily drive this bitch, i heart by bb6, i heart my dc2, and lifted because fat girls can’t jump. Enjoy! stencilihatestickers loves boobiesBonkers For Boobies

Boobies Like ThisCome at me Bro stickerSlowest Sticker

I Heart Breast Cancer AwarenessI Heart MotorBoatingNoobsauce sticker

Save Them Specialty StickerYou Jelly stickerDrop Cars Not Bombssticker

I Daily Drive This Bitch StickerI Heart BB6 Outline StickerI Heart BB6 Specialty

I Heart My DC2 StickerI Heart My DC2 Specialty StickerLifted Because Fat Girls Can't Jump Sticker