Black Friday Sticker Update!!!!

Black Friday sticker update! Enjoy these 12 new stickers for black friday! Remember our sale goes for the rest of the weekend! In this update we have: Zombie Mario, Nyan Cat, English Motherfucker Do You Speak It?, Don’t Occupy Wallstreet Occupy A Job, Treat Your Girl Right, Eat Your Girl Right, Dumped Diecut, Dumped Printed, U Mad Bro, Winter Mode, ihatestickers Loves My Stickers, and 100% Love Stickers Occupy ihatestickers.

Zombie Mario StickerNyan Cat StickerEnglish Motherfucker Do You Speak It? Sticker

Don't Occupy Wallstreet Occupy A Job StickerTreat Your Girl Right StickerTreat Your Girl Right Specialty Sticker

Dumped Diecut StickerDumped Printed StickerU Mad Bro Sticker

Winter Mode Stickerihatestickers loves my stickers Sticker100% Love Stickers Occupy ihatestickers Sticker


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8 Responses to “Black Friday Sticker Update!!!!”

  1. Kevin says:

    Hey, you used the wrong “your” in your “Silly Ricer, -YOU’RE- doing it wrong.” sticker. do I get something for pointing out someone’s inability to comprehend English? ‘Cause clearly… you’re doing it wrong.

  2. The sticker has actually been fixed since we released it but we never updated the pic. Thanks for the suggestion though. I guess we shouldn’t outsource to India.

  3. Jack says:

    Don’t blame India for “your” employees making stupid mistakes…cool story bro. Take responsibility, and dont blame others for your mistakes. But then again “you’re” from America.

  4. What kind of person leaves a comment on a company’s blog page asking for something free while insulting said company? We’re not blaming anyone other than simply stating it was already fixed and including a sarcastic joke that was obviously misunderstood. What does being from America have to do with this? We sell stickers not make political decisions. Sheesh.

  5. Jack says:

    At what point was I asking for free stuff on your blog? I am just arguing about the joke that was made which was unnecessary. Your sarcastic joke insulted me, since I am from India. I should ask you what does outsourcing to India have to do with your mistakes? Not a good joke.

    The fact that you are arguing with a potential customer on your own blog just shows the CRM and professionalism (I hope you are just an employee and not in higher management).

  6. I wasn’t referring to you at all. If you go back and read the original comment, he was asking for something in return for pointing out a simple spelling mistake made by one of our designers. You should try to relax a bit, taking offense to harmless jokes is what causes more issues than not, regardless of ones nationality. None of us have any issues with anyone of any nation, race, ethnicity or whatever. As far as I’m concerned if people lightened up, Americans included, there wouldn’t be so many problems.

    Look, you can call us out on professionalism all you want, but our customer service speaks for itself. We always go above and beyond to help our customers, give discounts, free stickers, and more to everyone that supports us. There will always be customers that aren’t going to appreciate the hard work that we, as a small business, have to do in order to make this work. However, without our customers, we’d have nothing, so we do our best to please everyone when we can.

    If you are truly from India, my apologies, because as I said above, we have absolutely no issues with any one from any other countries whatsoever.

  7. Brad says:

    Love you guys…had an idea picture of a dam n it says “my giveadam is busted” or \_/ “this is my care cup,its empty” …or “sittin low, and it hurts so good” but otherwise keep up the good work love what you do

  8. Kevin says:

    I love the website but I ordered stickers on november 26th and they just went out for shipping today. That is a long time to have waited on a purchased order. I’m not really complaining, just saying that your company should try to speed things up a little, if your machine goes out like it did during my order, that means you should probably either A. Have more than one machine. B. Have a technical support group on standby or C. All of the above.