Crazy New Stickers!!! October 2013

OHHH SNAPP! Here we have, Zombie Hex, Fish goes blub, hello kitty flower, hello kitty dance, turbo+lag=courteous head start, Elephant toot, fox says kow, fox says pow, fox says ding, frog goes croak, seal goes ow ow ow, palm beach international raceway,

Zombie Hex Printed StickerFish Goes Blub StickerHello Kitty Flower Sticker

Hello Kitty Dancing StickerThe Elephant Goes Toot StickerThe Fox Says KaKa-KaKa-Kow Sticker

The Frog Goes Croak StickerThe Fox Says Pa-Pa-Pow StickerThe Fox Says Ding-Dign-Dign Sticker

The Seal Says OW-OW-OW StickerTurbo + Lag = Courteous Head Start StickerPalm Beach International Raceway Sticker

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