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Happy Halloween from!!!!

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Happy Halloween from

Happy Halloween Everyone!!! Stop by TODAY, visit Odin, and get some candy and a FREE STICKER for your kids :)

Be Safe Everyone!

Firearms Stickers Are 25% Off This Month!!!

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

Wonka Meme Call of Duty

LOL! We’ve teamed up with and put all of our Firearms stickers on sale this month!!! Get 25% off and you can even couple it with any of our coupon codes!!! Now is a great time to promote firearms and the shooting sports. Head over to our firearms section and check them out! Enjoy!

2012 Tour de Carlisle Itinerary

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

This year’s Tour de Carlisle is just over a week away!!!! Finish up your cars and get ready to embark on this year’s ridiculous adventure, know as the Tour de Carlisle! You can view the official route HERE!!

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MAY 11TH 2012

09:00 AM :: Meet @ Henrietta BJ’s Wholesale Club Parking Lot, 400 Jay Scutty Blvd. Rochester, NY.

09:45 AM :: Driver’s Meeting – Discuss safety, hand out routes, set up radios, last minute questions.

10:00 AM :: Leave Henrietta, bound for Carlisle, PA! Carlisle Performance & Style … OR BUST!

11:15 AM :: Pickup/Drive-By additional tour drivers in Corning, NY (No stop, but they’re meeting us on the highway so keep a look out)

12:45 PM :: Stop for lunch & bio breaks at McDonald’s, 180 Montgomery Pike, Williamsport, PA. Also any other groups/tours that want to meet us here would be great! You have 1 hour before we head back out!

01:45 PM :: Back on the road heading for Carlisle!

04:00 PM :: Arrive at Carlisle Fairgrounds, Bryn Mawr Rd, Carlisle, PA

05:00 PM :: Split up to hotels, regroup and prepare for Day 1 of the show!


07:00 AM :: Carlisle Fairgrounds Gates Open

10:00 AM :: Vendor Midway Booth Opens!!!!

11:00 AM – 5:00 PM :: Listen for giveaways, contests, prizes, scavenger hunts, and more. Stick around our booth or keep stopping for for chances to win free stickers, prizes, and more!

01:00 PM :: / MotoOption Ultra Lounge – DJ’s #rddrgn & Skywalker hit the decks with some Electo / Dubstep / House. Look for your Golden Ticket (In your tour sack) to come hang out in our ultra lounge.

05:00 PM :: Official Tour de Carlisle Booth Party commences!!! Come visit us at our booth and party until they make us leave! BYOB! Schmooze and mingle with the crew from and MotoOption, while #rddrgn & Skywalker lay down some killer beats all night long! This is not an event to miss out on!



 07:00 AM :: Carlisle Fairgrounds Gates Open

10:00 AM :: Vendor Midway Booth Opens!!

11:00 AM – 3:00PM :: Listen for giveaways, contests, prizes, and more!

12:00 AM :: / MotoOption Ultra Lounge Available! – Stick around as DJ’s #rddrgn & Skywalker give you some great music to chill out at our booth with!

03:00 PM :: Show is over! Time to pack up and head home!!! Look for us on the way back!


If you guys need any more information, feel free to shoot us an email, post on our FACEBOOK PAGE, or give us a call at the shop!

Carlisle P&S 2012 Contest

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012


Carlisle Performance & Style Video Contest

OK! We are looking for two awesome people that want to be our groupies on the tour this year! Winners of the contest will get to ride down with us on the Tour de Carlisle 2012, free place to stay with our team, and $50 spending money. You guys will be our “assistants,” “tour bitches,” FNG’s,” “groupies,” or whatever you want to call it. Either way, we expect you guys to help us out at our booth, get the DJ’s stuff, make fun of Carl, etc, etc, etc.

THE CATCH! You have to be 18+, and submit a 30 second video to us to review in order to be picked. In this video, you guys need to tell us why you think we should pick you to be one of our groupies! Upload your video to YouTube, and post it for us to see on our Facebook page! Or send it to us via email to contests_AT_ihatestickers_DOT_com :) In order to be considered you must be a fan of our on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Tell your friends to subscribe to us too and have them like your videos also! Watch the video above for more info!

GET TO WORK! YOU HAVE UNTIL APRIL 20TH TO GET YOUR SUBMISSION IN. We will make our decision within a week after that and post the results on our blog and on our Facebook page!


Monday, March 12th, 2012

Announcing the third annual Tour De Carlisle!!!! Join us on the tour or meet up with us at Carlisle Performance & Style! Join our team and 100+ other travelers as we make our way down to the 2-day Carlisle Performance & Style car show. This year the Carlisle Performance & Style show is being held on the weekend of May 11-12. Our tour will again be leaving the morning of Friday, May 10th. The official itinerary will be posted once we get closer to the tour.

We’ll have an even bigger booth this year on Manufacturer’s Midway, complete with the first-annual IHS Ultra-Lounge!!!, complete with couches, DJ’s and all the energy drinks and water you want (Until we run out)! Also, just like last year, we’ll have a 2nd tent and parking area for you guys to park your cars once you enter them in the show. All YOU have to do is register your car and choose IHATESTICKERS.COM as your club!

Not close to us? Don’t Worry! Just register your car with IHATESTICKERS.COM and meet us at the show! Take advantage of our parking area and stop by our booth to pick up one of our Limited Edition Tour Sacks! You can still party with us, meet the team, hang in the VIP tent, and come out to our super snky events held that weekend!




Mountain Dew LogoMotoOption Clothing

DailyDrivenLife Line Motorsports

Join us this year. You WON’T want to miss what we have in store…..


Friday, November 25th, 2011

IHS Black Friday 2011 Sale

That’s right!!!! The sale you have ALL been waiting for is finally here!!!!! This year we have done our best to bring you the best sale of the year! Those of you who know us know that this is always a ridiculously awesome sale! This year spend $30+ (which means FREE shipping btw) and get 40% off your entire order! Also use the coupon code and get a FREE dog tag keychain and an IHS sticker pack! But wait… there’s MORE! Spend $100 AFTER DISCOUNT (~$167 of product) and get a FREE GRAB BAG and a special DISCOUNT CODE for future use! Use the coupon code IHSBLACK2011 to get all of these great discounts! Enjoy and thanks for being a customer of!

The sale is only valid from Today, 11/25 through Sunday at 11:59PM EST 11/27. The coupon code IHSBLACK2011 must be used in order to receive the discount or any of the bonus products. Any discounts or bonus products cannot be added to previous orders. For any questions or concerns please contact us.


Monday, July 4th, 2011

Remember to use the coupon code IHS4TH2011 in order to get the discount. Spend $40 and get a free ihatestickers keychain while supplies last! Please allow an additional 5-7 business days over normal processing time for sale orders to process. Thanks and Enjoy!


Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Tour de Carlisle 2011

We’re getting close to that time! Carlisle Performance & Style is almost upon us!  If you coming on the tour with us you can find the itinerary below.



May 13th 2011

11:00AM – Meet at Henrietta, NY BJ’s Wholesale Club Parking Lot ( 400 Jay Scutti Boulevard, Rochester, NY)

11:45 AM – Drivers Meeting – Discuss safety, hand out routes, last minute questions.

12:00 PM – Leave Henrietta for Carlisle Performance & Style Show! – Lets Go!

3:00 PM – Stop at Wegmans, 201 William Street Williamsport, PA 17701, for food/stretch break/ Meeting up with other cars from surrounding areas

4:00 PM – Back on the road.

6:00 PM – Arrive at Carlisle.

May 14th 2011

7:00 AM – Gates Open

Come Visit us at our booth on the Vendor Midway!

6:00 PM – Gates Close ,  Day 1 is over!

8:00 PM – party!  Come chill with the team in the King Arthur Room at Market Cross Pub & Brewery, 113 North Hanover Street Carlisle, PA 17013

May 15th 2011

7:00 AM – Day Two Gates Open!

Stop by our booth for some stickers for the ride home!

3:00 PM – Show is over, head home!




Friday, February 4th, 2011

Tour de Carlisle 2011

We are planning the greatest trip since your camping trip with the boy scouts. Join us on a tour of 100+ cars traveling down to the Carlisle Performance & Sound show! The dates for this year are May 14-15 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. We will have a big booth in the Vendor Midway at the show this year as well as a big area sectioned off for people on the tour. All YOU have to do is register for the show and choose IHATESTICKERS.COM as the club you would like to register with.

Not close to us?? Don’t worry! Just register your car with IHATESTICKERS.COM and meet us at the show! You can still party with us, meet the team, and come to our super snky events that we’ll be holding throughout the weekend. We’ll be posting the route and more information as we finalize the details, but we need people to sign up and register their cars for the show at Carlisle!

Let us know if you’re interested and SPREAD THE WORD! The more people we can get to support at the show, the more we can do to support you guys and hold these fun events! VIVA IHATESTICKERSO!

Black Friday Sale Going Strong!

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

We’re into Day 2 of our black friday sale now, and we had our best day ever yesterday! Over 130 orders in just one day!!! We’re going to run the sale until the end of the month, and we might even add in a secret snky sale right at the end of the month. Be sure to check back here on our blog, on facebook, and on twitter!

Enjoy! Thanks for all your support!

big smiley

Black Friday Sale Announced!

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Black Friday 2010

That’s right! Our ultimate black friday sale is here! It is better than last year, and we have so many more stickers! This year, get 50% off all stickers! If you spend $40 (after discount) you’ll get Buy One Get One Free and a FREE TSHIRT! Please remember that you must use the coupon code IHSBLACK2010 to get the 50% off discount. Also be sure to spend over $40 AFTER DISCOUNT to get double stickers and the free T-Shirt! Enjoy! We love you guys!

Grab Bag V Coming 10/31 For 1 Day Only!

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Our grab bags are back for ONE DAY ONLY! There are 13 stickers in the grab bag with a range of colors. The price will be $15. Remember all grab bags contain the same set of stickers, so if you are ordering multiple grab bags, they will all be the same. There will be an unlimited amount of bags offered that day, but remember we will remove it after 24 hours! Get your orders in!

Who knows when we’ll have another grab bag!!!! Happy Halloween!

Weed whacker sale today!!!

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

IHS Weed Whacker Sale is having our first “Weed Wacking” Sale. We have been so swamped with orders that we have not had time to weed all of our inventory, so we need your help!

All different colors, all different sizes, all different stickers. Just come to our shop on June 19th between 12pm-4pm, meet the gang from, have some pizza and get some stickers. $10 for 20 stickers no matter what size or color, you can’t beat that!

Weed Whacker Sale This Saturday!!!!

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

IHS Weed Whacker Sale is having our first “Weed Wacking” Sale. We have been so swamped with orders that we have not had time to weed all of our inventory, so we need your help!

All different colors, all different sizes, all different stickers. Just come to our shop on June 19th between 12pm-4pm, meet the gang from, have some pizza and get some stickers. $10 for 20 stickers no matter what size or color, you can’t beat that!