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Sunday, June 14th, 2009

This is the motherload! We just added 20 new products to the site. Tons of new smilies, a bunch of JDM and motorsports stickers and of course, a couple nerdy ones as well! Check back this week as we’ll be featuring some of these great stickers, and even running a special for the rest of June! Anyways, check out the pics of the products!

I am a wheel whore

This sticker adds 5 horsepower

No Free Rides Gas or Ass

I Heart Wheels

I Heart Drifting

Built Not Bought

Eat Sleep JDM V1

Eat Sleep JDM V2

I <3 JDM

Biohazard Symbol

Peace Hand

Skull and Crossbones


Nautical Star

Nuclear Symbol

Dunnville Autodrome

Computer On Button

Ninja Smiley

n00b Smiley

Megaman Smiley

JDM Megaman Smiley

Hoarrr Smiley

Durrr Smiley

Commie Smiley

RSS Icon V1

RSS Icon V2

Tux Version 2

Again as always, we will continue to design new stickers and add more products to the site! Keep checking this blog and our twitter for news, specials, and more product additions!