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Happy Halloween from!!!!

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Happy Halloween from

Happy Halloween Everyone!!! Stop by TODAY, visit Odin, and get some candy and a FREE STICKER for your kids :)

Be Safe Everyone!

Halloween Sale!!!! Now Until The End Of The Month!

Monday, October 29th, 2012 halloween sale

Well you’ve got until the end of the month to take advantage of this awesome Halloween sale! Use coupon code SCARY2K12 and get 30% off your order of $30 or more! Also use the coupon and we’ll put a free keychain in your order! Want a t-shirt?! Spend $100 and we’ll put a tshirt in there for you too! Just make sure you put your size in the comments! Enjoy!

Halloween Sticker Update 10/31

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Well a big Happy Halloween to all of you! Here’s a great sticker update for y’all with 21 new stickers in it. In this update we have: Zombie Smiley, Ninja Turtle Raphael Smiley, Ninja Turtle Michelangelo Smiley, Ninja Turtle Leonardo Smiley, Ninja Turtle Donatello Smiley, Subaru 2.5RS, It’s Gon’ Scrape, Lower Class, Optimus Prime, Mother Lover, Gators Gon’ Gait, Silliest, Sticker Whore, The Pleaser, The Teaser, The Spocker, The Rocker, The Showstopper, The Fister, The Minivan, and the complete Shockers Pack! Enjoy!

Zombie Smiley StickerNinja Turtle Raphael Smiley StickerNinja Turtle Michelangelo Smiley Sticker

Ninja Turtle Leonardo Smiley StickerNinja Turtle Donatello Smiley StickerSubaru 2.5RS Sticker

It's Gon' ScrapeLower Class StickerOptimus Prime Sticker

Mother Lover StickerGators Gon' Gait StickerSilliest Sticker

Sticker Whore StickerThe Teaser StickerThe Pleaser Sticker

The Spocker StickerThe Rocker StickerThe Showstopper Sticker

The Fister StickerThe Minivan StickerThe Shockers Pack

The IHS 2011 Halloween Sale Is Finally Here!

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Why is Halloween on a Monday?

That’s right folks, we just adding the coupon code for our Halloween sale. Since we love you guys so much we have activated it immediately! Go get em’ Here’s the best part, if we can get over 100 orders tomorrow, we’ll include a free random sticker in EVERYONE’S order that uses the coupon code! To sweeten the deal even more, if we hit 200 orders tomorrow, we’ll include TWO free stickers in everyone’s order that uses the code. Without further adieu, the code is IHSBOO2011 and it’s good for 30% off your order with no minimum purchase! Share this blog post, talk about us on Facebook, and do whatever you can to get us to that 100 orders tomorrow!

Enjoy peoples!

October SNKY Sale

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Happy Halloween Everyone! This month we’re offering 15% off everything in the store for our SNKY sale. This sale is good until 11:59PM tomorrow night! The coupon code for this month is OCTSNKY. Enjoy!


Grab Bag V Coming 10/31 For 1 Day Only!

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Our grab bags are back for ONE DAY ONLY! There are 13 stickers in the grab bag with a range of colors. The price will be $15. Remember all grab bags contain the same set of stickers, so if you are ordering multiple grab bags, they will all be the same. There will be an unlimited amount of bags offered that day, but remember we will remove it after 24 hours! Get your orders in!

Who knows when we’ll have another grab bag!!!! Happy Halloween!