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New Stickers For The End Of June 2013!!!

Friday, June 28th, 2013

WOOOO new stickers! Here we have Tis but a scratch, dont worry bro i’ll give you a leg up, i got your back, i came i fought i conquered,make love loudly make war quietly,warning this is Sparta, My pen is huge, you have died of dysentery. i mustache you a question

Tis But A Scratch StickerDon't Worry Bro I'll Give You A Leg Up StickerI've Got Your Back Sticker

I Came I fought I Conquered StickerMake Love Loudly, Make War Quietly StickerI Mustache You A Question Sticker

Warning! This Is Sparta StickerMy Pen Is Huge StickerYou Have Died Of Dysentery Sticker.

New stickers for February 2013 again!!

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Dang!! More stickers! Alrighty this time we have. Fuck bitches get money printed sticker, juicy fruit sticker, wrapping dragon, koala bear face, any brew as long as its a corona, smurf boosting, sir muffin, static is for laundry, boost on hand, bitches love boost, like a sir, and hitting vtec like johnny tran!

Fuck Bitches Get Money Printed Juicy Fruit StickerDragon Wrapping Sticker

Koala Bear Face StickerAny Brew As Long As Its A Corona StickerSmurf Boost Sticker

Sir Muffin StickerStatic Is For Laundry StickerBoost On Hand Sticker

Bitches Love Boost StickerLike A Sir StickerHitting Vtec Like Johnny Tran Sticker


Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Yay! You guys love us! (Either that or you’re persistent enough with your friends to make them like our page) Big thanks to all our great customers, supporters, and fans! WE HIT 5000 FANS!!!! Check out our Facebook page and like us if you haven’t already.

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Uh, anyways… get to it!