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Halloween Sticker Update 10/31

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Well a big Happy Halloween to all of you! Here’s a great sticker update for y’all with 21 new stickers in it. In this update we have: Zombie Smiley, Ninja Turtle Raphael Smiley, Ninja Turtle Michelangelo Smiley, Ninja Turtle Leonardo Smiley, Ninja Turtle Donatello Smiley, Subaru 2.5RS, It’s Gon’ Scrape, Lower Class, Optimus Prime, Mother Lover, Gators Gon’ Gait, Silliest, Sticker Whore, The Pleaser, The Teaser, The Spocker, The Rocker, The Showstopper, The Fister, The Minivan, and the complete Shockers Pack! Enjoy!

Zombie Smiley StickerNinja Turtle Raphael Smiley StickerNinja Turtle Michelangelo Smiley Sticker

Ninja Turtle Leonardo Smiley StickerNinja Turtle Donatello Smiley StickerSubaru 2.5RS Sticker

It's Gon' ScrapeLower Class StickerOptimus Prime Sticker

Mother Lover StickerGators Gon' Gait StickerSilliest Sticker

Sticker Whore StickerThe Teaser StickerThe Pleaser Sticker

The Spocker StickerThe Rocker StickerThe Showstopper Sticker

The Fister StickerThe Minivan StickerThe Shockers Pack

New Stickers 8/20

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Back on track for some friday updates! Here are some new ones that we added this week :) In here is: Evo X Silhouette, STi Silhouette, Skyline Silhouette, Viper Silhouette, RX7 Silhouette, Challenger Silhouette, Elise Silhouette, BMW Silhouette, Lamborghini Silhouette, Ferrari F430 Silhouette, Porsche Silhouette, JDM Add Oil, Subaru All Wheel Drive V1/V2, Do Work, You Dislike This Diecut, You Dislike This Printed, Fresh To Death, I Heart Biters Diecut, I Heart Haters V2, WTF Panda, and I Heart Cock. Onto the pics!

Evo X SilhouetteSubaru WRX STi SilhouetteSkyline Silhouette

Viper SilhouetteRX7 SilhouetteChallenger Silhouette

Elise SilhouetteBMW SilhouetteLamborghini Silhouette

Ferrari F430 SilhouettePorsche SilhouetteJDM Add Oil

Subaru All Wheel Drive V1Subaru All Wheel Drive V2Do Work

You Dislike This DiecutYou Dislike This PrintedFresh To Death

I Heart Biters DiecutI Heart CockI Heart Haters V2

WTF Panda