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New Stickers For July 2013!!

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Hugggeee update! With, Come and take it, zombie response team, three percent star sticker, i heart my ion specialty, i heart my ion, i pooped today layout, look pretty play dirty, one asterisk red badge, peanut butter jelly time v1 die cut, shittles taste the ass hole, cute chicks and clutch kicks, thin blue line, thin red line, perry the platypus, tryzub, one asterisk red line badge, one asterisk blue line badge, one asterisk black badge

Come And Take It StickerZombie Outbreak Response Team StickerMolon Labe Mask Sticker

Three Percent Star StickerI Heart My Ion Sticker SpecialtyI Heart My Ion Sticker

Look Pretty, Play Dirty StickerPeanut Butter Jelly Time V1 StickerShittles Sticker

Cute Chicks And Clutch Kicks StickerOne Asterisk Red Badge StickerPerry The Platypus

Tryzub StickerThin Blue line stickerThin Red Line Sticker

One Asterisk Red Line Badge StickerOne Asterisk Blue line Bagdge StickerOne Asterisk Black Badge Sticker

I Pooped Today Sticker Sheet

Pre-Thanksgiving Sticker Update! 11/21

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Hope everyone is getting ready for Turkey Day! We are thankful to be able to provide you guys with the awesomest stickers ever. Here’s some more!!! Included in this update is: Custom I Heart My Crossed Out Girlfriend, Snetteron Motor Circuit, Donnington Race Park, When In Doubt Go Lower, Yea I Drive Like An Asshole, Yea I Park Like An Asshole, So Fly Like A G6, Txt Vag, Fallout 3 Boy, Pedrobear, Zombie Pedo Bear, and Occupy ihatestickers.

I Heart My Whatever Crossed Out GirlfriendDonnington Race ParkSnetteron Motor Racing Circuit

When In Doubt Go LowerYea I drive like an asshole stickerYea I park Like an Asshole

So Fly Like a G6 StickerTxt Vag stickerFallout 3 Boy Sticker

Pedrobear StickerZombie Pedo Bear stickerOccupy ihatestickers Sticker


2 New Trackmaps Just Added!

Monday, April 26th, 2010

We just added two new track maps: Moroso and VIR – Grand Course. Check them out!

VIR - Grand Course

Moroso Track Map

8 New Track Maps!

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

We just added 8 new track maps! This brings us up to a total of 40 track maps and we’re always working on more! If you have any suggestions for maps for us to carry, be sure to contact us!

Summit Point Shenendoah

Summit Point Shenendoah

VIR South Course

VIR South Course

VIR North Course

VIR North Course

VIR Full Course

VIR Full Course

Portland International Raceway

Portland International Raceway



New Jersey Motorsports Park - Thunder

New Jersey Motorsports Park - Thunder

New Jersey Motorsports Park - Lightning

New Jersey Motorsports Park - Lightning

Make sure you stay tuned for our BLACK FRIDAY special also! ;)

Fall Motorsports Mania Extended!!!!

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

We have extended our Fall Motorsports Mania Sale for another week! Get your orders in ASAP if you want to take advantage of our 25% sale on Motorsports stickers!

Thanks to all our great customers!

Track Map Stickers now available in 2 inch!

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Due to a great deal of requests for 2 inch track map stickers, we have decided to add an permanent option! The price is $1.25 for 2 inch track map stickers.

We currently have 32 tracks ready to go, and feel free to contact us if you want us to add more tracks!

Barber Motorsports Park Track Map Sticker

Fall Motorsports Mania!!!!

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

This is the special you’ve all been waiting for! Through November 14th…


That’s right… All 150+ products are 15% off and our Free Shipping for $20+ orders still applies :) Take advantage of this great offer for the next coming weeks! Don’t worry we will be adding more and more stickers this entire time as well! It’s a great time to stock up for the holidays also.

This sticker adds 5 horsepower

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